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Triangle Class Reference

Triangle class definition. More...

#include <Triangle.h>

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Public Methods

 Triangle (Vertex *v0, Vertex *v1, Vertex *v2)
 Constructor. More...

Vertexv0 ()
 The first Vertex.

Vertexv1 ()
 The second Vertex.

Vertexv2 ()
 The third Vertex.

GLvoid setColor (Color *c)
 Set the Color of the Vertex.

ColorgetColor ()
 Get the Color of the Vertex.

GLvoid setNormal (Normal *n)
 Set the Normal to the Vertex explicitly.

NormalgetNormal ()
GLvoid setCenter (Point *c)
PointgetCenter ()
bool replaced ()
bool replace (Vertex *v1, Vertex *v2)
std::string toString ()
bool contains (Vertex *v1)

Detailed Description

Triangle class definition.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Triangle::Triangle Vertex   v0,
Vertex   v1,
Vertex   v2


The Vertices must be speified in clockwise order when looking at the front of the Triangle

v0  The first Vertex
v1  The second Vertex
v2  The third Vertex

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