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We would like to thank Professor Matt O. Ward, Ph. D and Professor Mark Stevens, Ph.D for their continued support and confidence in our work, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute for having the resources capable for these Major Qualifying Projects: the project was exciting and demanding. We would also like to acknowledge Bjarne Stroustrup for his impressive guide "The C++ Programming Language Special Edition." The book was not only our expert reference, it was also the ultimate resource for using C++ effectively[#!cpp_stl!#]. We would also like to acknowledge the two books that helped us learn OpenGL, the Red Book and Super Bible. Jason Reposa would like to thank his family and friends for putting up with his attitude and sometimes extreme personality from spending hours on the computer. Tim Garthwaite would like to thank Mike Gesner and his other friends in the WPI Game Development Club for their support during months of nearly absent leadership.

Tim Garthwaite 2002-02-03