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ViewportController Class Reference

Class definition for the ViewportController. More...

#include <ViewportController.h>

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Public Methods

 ViewportController (int maxNumViewports, int w, int h)
 ~ViewportController ()
void renderScene ()
int numViewports ()
ScenegetScene (int viewportID)
bool selectCurrentViewport (int x, int y)
bool deleteViewport ()
bool createViewport (std::string file="NONE_SPECIFIED")
bool resizeScene (int Width, int Height)
std::string getFilename ()
int getWidth ()
int getHeight ()
bool save ()
bool save (std::string file)
bool decimateEvent (GLfloat f, GLint TYPE)
void reportStatistics ()
void resetViewport ()
void makeSmooth ()
void makeFlat ()
void switchViewPoints ()
void switchViewEdges ()
void switchViewTriangles ()
void switchLighting ()
void switchNormals ()
void switchVertNormals ()
void setCameraControl (int control)
void decreaseX_Off ()
void increaseX_Off ()
void decreaseY_Off ()
void increaseY_Off ()
void decreaseZ_Off ()
void increaseZ_Off ()
void mouseX_Rot (float f)
void mouseY_Rot (float f)
void mouseZ_Rot (float f)
void decreaseX_Rot ()
void increaseX_Rot ()
void decreaseY_Rot ()
void increaseY_Rot ()
void decreaseZ_Rot ()
void increaseZ_Rot ()

Detailed Description

Class definition for the ViewportController.

This is the interface between GLUT callbacks and the Viewport object

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